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  1. ARCHITECTURAL Carpet & Tiles (AC&T) cannot be responsible for any products being unavailable if no written purchase order, accepted proposal (account clients only) or a paid deposit being received in conjunction to a Proforma Invoice.

  2. AC&T cannot hold or secure product without obtaining a written purchase order, an accepted proposal (account clients only) or a paid deposit received in conjunction to a Proforma Invoice

  3. AC&T cannot be responsible for manufacturing or shipping delays that are unknown of at the time of an order being placed. Unavailability of products may affect the pricing originally provided due to possible changes in exchange rates. AC&T will not be liable for any delay due to causes beyond our control including, manufacturing, shipping, strikes, natural disasters and transportation. 

  4. Shade & Surface finish variations along with Calibre (sizing) differences may occur between different batches of tiles, timber, vinyl, carpet, etc. As these products are manufactured at different times nothing can be done to prevent Batch Variations.

  5. The installer for your project must receive direction on the overall look and feel of the floor you are expecting. Some products have a V3 & V4 rating for appearance variation to give the products a very natural feel. Discuss the direction of grain and the placement of patterns for your installation with your installer prior to the installation commencing.

  6. Being specific with your installer on which colour and shade variances you do not want in your installation will help the installer batch the tiles or stone suitably to your expectations. The more selective you are with the product, the more wastage you will have on site. If your wastage goes beyond what has been allowed in the quantity estimate this may mean additional product will have to be purchased to complete the project. No credits are available on product that is unused once it has been delivered to site. 

  7. All samples displayed in the showroom are indicative only. Batch variations will occur between showroom samples and the products delivered to site.

  8. Deliveries will be charged out at the cost of the delivery. Delivery charges are an additional charge added to the square metreage price. Any indications provided for deliveries may change. All of our deliveries are to the closest accessible point on site. Please allow a 4 working day lead time. 

  9. AC&T will not be liable for any damage caused by the freight carrier in the delivery of goods. Goods are not covered by insurance.

  10. All products supplied are special order for each individual project. AC&T provides a quantity estimate service for quoting purposes only. AC&T cannot be held responsible for any variations in quantities required on site, as there are countless variables on site which can affect this situation.

  11. Extra product may not always be available to complete an installation. Do not commence an installation you are unable to complete. PLEASE CHECK YOUR QUANTITIES.

  12. Returns & Credits are not possible on unused product. PLEASE CHECK YOUR QUANTITIES.

  13. The payment details are strictly as per the invoice or account terms. Any costs associated with collecting late payments will be added to the principle amount outstanding with interest.

  14. Proposals are based on the current exchange rates and manufacturing costs known. All pricing will be reconfirmed at the time of order. Project pricing has been negotiated using the quantities stated in the proposal. Any reductions made after an order has been placed may not be possible and if it is possible, the pricing negotiated may be altered. 

  15. All proposals are priced as a bulk order to be delivered to site at once. Any changes in quantities or products may affect the pricing of the other products and the freight allowance.

  16. AC&T will assist with claims against products. All claims against products regarding manufacturing faults or defects will be made directly with the manufacturer or importing agent of the product in question.

  17. AC&T will only Warrant and Replace with a comparable product due to a manufacturing defect or if any product fails to meet current requirements of the Australian Standards.

  18. It is an industry expectation that the tile installer, builder or home owner is responsible for checking all tiles before laying them.

  19. Any concern or noticeable fault should be reported straight away and no installation work is to be commenced.

  20. AC&T is not required to accept any claims for reimbursement, replacement or repair after the tiles have been installed.

  21. The Australian Standards state that a minimum of 95% of the tiles shall be free from visible defects that would impair the appearance of a major area of the tiles. (This means 5% of tiles may possibly have defect’s and this is allowable under the standard – but it is not expected) No Claims can be made once the product has been set.

  22. Polished tiles can be susceptible to Optical Hazing. The relationship between light reflecting or transmitting from or within a surface that presents an altered view. When referring to optical hazing in porcelain tiles, it is a tile that has a highly polished surface that looks hazy or smudgy under certain light sources. The optical hazing that is at times noted with polished porcelain tiles is not a defect of the tile, it is considered an aesthetic issue related to the angles of the light sources reflected off the tile, and there is no international or Australian standard to monitor and regulate the surface of a polished porcelain tile.

  23. AC&T recommends that all unglazed porcelain is cleaned & sealed prior to grouting and then cleaned & sealed again once the project has been completed.

  24. Timber, Carpet & Vinyl Installations are priced without floor preparation unless otherwise stated as included in this proposal. 

  25. If any floor preparation is required, authorization will be obtained and only once authorized it will be invoiced out at cost. This includes but is not limited to sanding, grinding, levelling, etc., an extra charge will be incurred for any additional use required of trims, expansion joints, scotia’s, reducers, etc.

  26. No retention should be held at the completion of this project. Payment will be required in full.

  27. Once the floor has been installed AC&T is no longer responsible for any damage that may occur. Please protect the floor or limit access to trades.

  28. Any damage to walls & skirtings thought to be caused by our installation must be reported to AC&T for inspection and documentation. Unless it is reported during or immediately after the installation no claims will be entered into.


Please ensure you understand these Terms of Supply. If any part of these terms is unclear, please ask us for clarification. These Terms of Sale form the basis for sale and will take precedence over any Purchase Order Terms.

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